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Pin & Sleeve IEC 60309 UL listed


the Amphe-309. This series includes plugs, connectors, receptacles, inlet, and mechanical interlocks, all of which comply with the requirements of IEC 603 09-1 & 2, EN 60 309-1 & 2, BS 4343-2 1992, and UL 1682 & 1686.

The Amphe-309 consists of both IP44 (splash proof) and IP67 (water Proof) devices from 16 A up to 125 A, from a simple plug to customer specified combination units. The series range covers all clock positions in use from low profile, watertight, and Heavy Duty solutions.

Approved and certified by CE, UL and CSA , Amphe-309 covers commercial and industrial applications for international markets, as well as, the North American market.


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