Star-Line EX Connectors

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EX Harsh Environment, Power, Signal and Fiber Optics Connector for Hazardous Classified Listings Class 1 Zone 1/2/21/22

The Star-Line EX®  series is certified for use in a Zone 1/2/21/22 hazardous environment. Classified facilities such as petrochemical refineries and land/offshore drilling systems are but a few of the applications for this broad product series. The Star-Line EX® is certified to the latest IECEx and ATEX EN60079 standards, as well as the current EAC/GOST standards. Designed to meet the most severe environments in the hazardous arena, Star-Line EX® is the choice of engineers worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • Rated for use up to 1000V AC/DC (see catalog)

  • Large coupling sleeve, secured with captive set screws

  • Strong machined aluminum construction

  • Corrosion resistant plating rated for 300 days salt spray exposure

  • Vast family of reversible inserts, for power, signal, Fiber optics and mixed applications

  • From one to 143 contact positions

  • 18, 16, 12, 10, 8, 4, 1/0, 4/0 AWG, 350, 500, 535, 646, 777MCM

  • EX cable gland options available to accept most cable styles

  • CE IP 68-8 rated

  • Rated for use up to 1000V AC/DC (see catalog)


  • AEx CAN/CSA C22.2 Certificate #FM17CA0040X

    • EX db/eb/tb (Class 1 Zone 1/2/21/22)​​​

  • AEx FM Class 3600 & ANSI/UL 60079 Certificate #FM17US0072X

    • EX db/eb/tb (Class 1 Zone 1/2/21/22)​​​​


Support Material

NEC Multi conductor de-rating Table 310.15(B)(3)(a)